Positive Intentions for 2013

So it’s that time of year when you have decided on your resolution and you are actively attempting to stick with it. The thought of creating a positive change in your life may have initially been exciting and energizing, however, our great intentions for change are notoriously abandoned a few weeks into the new year. What is it that makes sticking to resolutions so challenging and is there a different way of conceptualizing our positive intentions that might increase the likelihood of them coming to fruition?

There are actually a variety of reasons why people abandon their resolution. Some of the more common reasons include having too many resolutions, not clearly determining how it will be accomplished, setting the bar too high, being scared of change, or it not being significant/meaningful enough. Although many of these issues can be tackled by utilizing the S.M.A.R.T mnemonic (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SMART_criteria), some reasons may require a bit more self-reflection and awareness. Gaining an understanding of what got in the way can help to determine how to get around it in the future; thereby increasing the odds of sticking to your resolution.

With all that being said and done it does seem that more and more people are expressing disdain for setting resolutions and looking for alternatives. One new concept that seems to be gaining momentum is choosing a theme word to guide your path for the upcoming year. The simplicity of a single word makes it easy to remember and focus on and can pertain to different parts/aspects of your life; thereby being more holistic in nature.

To determine your theme word select a word that holds meaning and significance to you (e.g., adventure, activity, balance, love, etc.). Brainstorm a few different words and take note of which one elicits the most excitement. Once you have chosen your word write it down and display it somewhere you will see it regularly; then simply allow it to motivate and inspire you to create positive changes.

We’d love to hear some of your theme words for the upcoming year as well as your thoughts on this new concept.

Kerry & Philippa


  1. I read your blog, and was inspired to create my own theme word. I have experienced a world of change in a few short months as my teenagers have entered awareness of demonstrating their own identity, thoughts, actions and ideas, ultimately challenging all values, beliefs, and habits I have tried to instill in them. Invariably, they are exactly where they should be, visions of a new future, new horizons, uncharted courses, as they create change , out to change the world. AND, where does that leave me? I’m adrift , being towed behind them on a loose line. How can you control where a kite will fly, how high do you let it fly before you let it go? Where will we anchor as a family? So, as seasons of marriage and family life go on, I remember, and try to meld who I was before marriage and children and being responsible, with the newfound time alone, freedom to make choices as I figure out how to parent and be a partner from a distance. Letting go and holding on at the same time. REBIRTH

  2. As a senior I am struggling to keep up with todays technology. My New Years Resolution is to overcome the anxiety that the new technology causes me. To this end, with assistance from friends and family, I have purchased a tablet, and by taking small steps at a time, I am very pleased with my progress.
    My word for 2013 : PERSISTENCE.

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